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Average weather data in Stagnone, Sicily

of the year
Average wind
speed *
Average temperatures
Min / Max
of Sun
January11 Kn8°C / 15°C56mm6,4
February14 Kn8°C / 15°C46mm7,0
March16 Kn9°C / 17°C45mm8,6
April17 Kn10°C / 19°C37mm10,4
May14 Kn13°C / 23°C17mm11,7
June14 Kn17°C / 27°C5mm12,7
July12 Kn19°C / 30°C2mm12,6
August13 Kn20°C / 30°C9mm11,8
September12 Kn18°C / 28°C42mm10,0
October13 Kn15°C / 24°C61mm8,4
November11 Kn12°C / 19°C65mm7,2
December6 Kn9°C / 16°C65mm6,4

* The average wind speeds do not consider the thermal effect that can raise the values by about 6-10 knots especially in the spring and summer months on days with high atmospheric pressure and sun.

The winds of Stagnone

Stagnone is considered one of the windiest spots in Italy. Here the wind blows with an average of 300 days a year. There is a difference between other places overlooking the sea where it is possible to go kite only with the winds onshore. In this lagoon, you can kitesurf with any type of wind. All-year-round winds alternate from the North, NW, West, SE, SW.

The Tramontana and the Scirocco are the most frequent. In particular, the winds from the North predominate the summer. The Tramontana shows up punctually, almost every day, late morning. In the early afternoon, thanks to the thermal component, it increases in intensity. It then continues until sunset, giving you endless sessions.

The other great protagonist is Scirocco. It is more frequent in the colder months, but it does so in a decisive and disruptive way when it enters. It can also reach 35-40 knots. It is impossible to ignore it because it raises the water level of the Stagnone.

Another wind that undergoes a slight thermal increase is the Libeccio.

And if Grecale blows? Don’t worry, you will find the flat and the turquoise waters of Marausa just 6 km away. This way, you can continue with your training without interruption.

Venti Stagnone Kitesurf

The climate in the Stagnone Lagoon

The meteorological conditions of the Stagnone Lagoon represent another strong point of this spot. This corner of Sicily enjoys mild temperatures for most of the year, thanks to its proximity to the African continent. The warm season arrives early and lasts until the beginning of winter.

The mid-seasons hardly exist.

In Stagnone, it is possible to wear summer clothing even in November or spring outfits in December. This microclimate makes it the perfect place for kitesurfing from March to the end of November. When the outside temperature starts to warm up, the water does the same. In the warmer months, you can leave any neoprene layer at home.

At this time of the year, you can kite in a swimsuit or with a Lycra to shelter from the sun’s rays, which from May to September can be really intense. A 4/3 over knee wetsuit will be enough to train in early spring and as you get closer to winter.

The months of January and February can be rather cold, especially regarding the water temperature. Often a few days with peaks of 18-20 degrees also occurs in this period. Beyond the actual temperatures, the type of wind blowing on the lagoon and its direction determine the perception of heat and cold.

7 reasons to choose the Stagnone

We repeat it: learning or practicing kitesurfing in the Stagnone lagoon is a unique experience.

  • Spring/summer temperatures for 9 months a year (March-November)

  • Wind that blows with an average of 300 days a year

  • Always flat water

  • Shallow water

  • Friendly, fun, and cozy place

  • Immense lagoon

  • Fascinating places to visit nearby

Chili Kite Spot

Our paradise spot

Stagnone Kite Corner boasts a strategic location.
It is well connected to the main roads but is located in a quiet area to avoid the summer crowds.
Here, you will find sizeable private parking, shade, sun, kite landing, and shower.