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Stagnone: the Kitesurfing Paradise

The Stagnone Lagoon is located at the western end of Sicily, between Trapani and Marsala. It is an immense expanse of flat water that laps the coasts of the small town of Birgi Vecchi.

Here the wind blows about 300 days a year. The absence of solid currents will allow you to make the most of even days with 10-11 knots.

Lo Stagnone is the most famous Italian spot for kitesurfing in Italy and abroad. It’s 20 km² of super flat water, the ability to go out with any type of wind, making the lagoon the ideal place for learning kitesurfing at all levels. Every year, many international athletes come here to train for shorter or longer periods.

Lovers of freestyle and big air kitesurfing can train intensively here, thanks to the absence of waves and “chop.” “Lo Stagnone” is also the perfect spot for beginners and those approaching kitesurfing for the first time.

Flat water kitesurfing lagoon

Stagnone Kite Spot - The features

The advantages of training in this spot are many:

  • greater ease and speed in learning compared to open sea conditions;
  • continuity in the development of the courses;
  • optimization of time in the water;
  • total absence, or almost, of the body drag to recover the board.

Thanks to the shallow depths, usually 1 meter deep, the recovery of your twin tip is straightforward: just a few steps or stretch your arm. Shallow waters also mean more excellent safety, especially for those with little experience at sea and for children. If the wind is suddenly over, you can return to the spot with a simple walk without any danger.

The shallow waters guarantee the instructors to be next to you for almost the entire course duration. You will be the one to step away from your trainer when you learn to sail with the kite.

The lagoon is a truly stimulating environment for learning kitesurfing at all levels. In Stagnone, newbies and world champions live together in mutual respect and fun.

7 reasons to choose the Stagnone

We repeat it: learning or practicing kitesurfing in the Stagnone lagoon is a unique experience.

  • Spring/summer temperatures for 9 months a year (March-November)

  • Wind that blows with an average of 300 days a year

  • Always flat water

  • Shallow water

  • Friendly, fun, and cozy place

  • Immense lagoon

  • Fascinating places to visit nearby

Chili Kite Spot

Our paradise spot

Stagnone Kite Corner boasts a strategic location.
It is well connected to the main roads but is located in a quiet area to avoid the summer crowds.
Here, you will find sizeable private parking, shade, sun, kite landing, and shower.

In Stagnone everything revolves around kitesurfing

From March to November, the small village of Birgi is transformed into a large international community. The wind marks the rhythms of the days. Don’t be surprised to hear so many different languages ​​spoken.

The “Stagnone lagoon” is very famous in Europe. Many European kiters have opened their kitesurfing schools here. You will find a large international family to welcome you whose common denominator is the passion for this sport.

Kitesurfing Spot near the Stagnone

If the wind fails during your stay at the Stagnone Lagoon, do not despair. If you move a few kilometers along the coast you will almost find the possibility of kitesurfing.


The beautiful white beach of Marausa is a 10-minute drive away. Here you will find:

  • turquoise water
  • flat water
  • shallow waters for the first 200 meter

This spot works well with northeasterly winds.

(usable only out of the bathing season)

Capo Feto

The reserve is hidden among reeds, ponds and a lively wildlife community. It is located along the road to Mazara del Vallo. The Mistral enters decisively and keeps the surface of the water flat.

(usable all year round)


If you continue further towards Mazara del Vallo, you will find the famous Pozziteddu wave.

(usable all year round)

San Giuliano

The spot of San Giuliano is located on the border of the city of Trapani. It has a wide beach, with golden sand, emerald waters.
It extends under the watchful eye of Erice and that of the city traffic.

(usable only out of the bathing season)

San Vito Lo Capo

When the situation is desperate there is San Vito lo Capo. Here you can go out with SE, NE, SW, EAST winds. The breathtaking panorama will repay you for the long journey.

(usable only out of the bathing season)

The Stagnone Nature Reserve

When we talk about the Stagnone Lagoon we also talk about the beauties that frame it.
Its landscape is so unique and precious that it is protected as a Nature Reserve.

The breathtaking landscapes near the lagoon

  • The pink salt pans of San Teodoro and the breathtaking ones of Mozia with its mills;
  • the colonies of flamingos that will occasionally accompany you along your kite rides;
  • the four islands within the lagoon (San Pantaleo, Isola Grande, Schola, Santa Maria) that can be reached by kite;
  • the possibility of reaching the open sea through the mouth of San Teodoro and that of Contrada Spagnola;
  • the bleakness of the cacti and the sweetness of their prickly pears that alternate with the green of the many vineyards;
  • the blue waters of Tahiti;
  • the fiery sunsets of the lagoon.

These are just some of the aspects that make this place magical not only for kitesurfing but for the soul.