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Our kitesurf school in Stagnone

PKR Kitesurf & Chili Kite

Our great love for kitesurfing and teaching has determined our bond with the Stagnone Lagoon. This relationship has grown over the years, spending a lot of time in its calm waters training and training again. We have put our long experience as a kitesurfing school at your disposal.

Over the years, we have organized many kite camps in this corner of Sicily. Our intensive training getaways have become more and more frequent over time. Precisely for this reason, in spring 2021, we decided to formalize our relationship with Stagnone.

We created a branch of our PKR kitesurf school right on the lagoon.

Thus was born PKR Kitesurf Stagnone, in partnership with Chili Kite.

Two kitesurf schools with only one soul in the same beautiful spot.

Scuola kitesurf Stagnone Sicilia
Centro kitesurf Stagnone lezioni corsi noleggio

Learning to kitesurf has never been easier

In addition to our passion for this sport, there are many objective reasons for choosing Stagnone. It is the best spot for learning and practicing kitesurfing in Italy and Europe. Our choice was utterly professional. We have elected this lagoon as our second operational base because its conditions are genuinely unique, both for learning and teaching this sport.

In Stagnone, the winds blow with an average of 300 days a year. This constant presence ensures the success of the courses even in a few days. The lessons are continuous without lengthy interruptions.

Stagnone is also a very safe place thanks to the sea conditions. The water of the lagoon boasts specific characteristics:

  • shallow waters;
  • the absence of strong currents;
  • flat water.

Easy conditions allow you to work safely, even with the little ones. The lagoon will accelerate your learning times at every level. Even days with little wind can be maximized. The flat water makes Stagnone the perfect gym for everyone: beginners, more experienced riders, lovers of Big Air Kitesurfing, and Freestyle.

Here everyone can improve their level in less time.

Many different types of kitesurfing courses and lessons

The characteristics of the Stagnone lagoon have allowed us to expand the teaching offer. We have created new types of courses and lessons that are difficult to achieve in other commercials.

Just a few examples:

  • you can approach the world of kitesurfing alone or in a couple.
  • Get a taste of this sport with a mini course.
  • Navigate and discover the most hidden sides of the lagoon with one of our instructors.

Chili Kite also offers excellent rental service: you will have the best equipment available. This service is suitable for those who: wants to travel light without sports luggage; has not yet purchased equipment; it does not have the right setting for the weather conditions.


We can boast a long experience in the field as a kitesurf school.

In all these years of work and passion, we have refined our teaching method more and more.

Theory and technique are undoubtedly two important elements for learning to kitesurf. However, we are convinced that these two aspects alone are not always enough to complete a course.

There is another great resource: the student’s personality.

In our work, we modulate communication and teaching techniques according to the characteristics of each person.
This mode ensures rapid progress in learning.

Thanks to our structured and preparatory teaching model, you will learn kitesurfing in an easy way
It is funny. All this will be possible in a welcoming and cheerful environment.

Our kitesurf instructors in Stagnone

Our school has the best kitesurf instructors, FIV (Italian Sailing Federation) and IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) qualified. They will teach you this sport with professionalism and seriousness. Thanks to them, you will learn kitesurfing in total safety but having fun.

They will be your guardian angels for the duration of the courses or classes. They will never lose sight of you. You can communicate with them at any time thanks to the use of walkie-talkies.

Kitesurf Sicilia scuola lezioni noleggio
PKR Scuola kitesurf Sicilia
Centro kite Stagnone Sicilia

Chili Kite

All this would not be possible without the most beautiful corner of the lagoon: our Chili Kite spot. A vast green space where you can spend your days between kitesurfing, friendship, relaxation. A great spot for a big family of kiters, you are welcome here. It is an international spot where you can meet riders of all levels and from countries around the world.

The spot has:

  • several relaxation areas where you can sunbathe or enjoy some shade
  • showers
  • music
  • a large parking
  • plenty of space for families, children and pets.

Chili Kite has direct access to the lagoon. We are sure that this will open the gates of heaven for you.

The Stagnone lagoon is framed by the landscapes and colors of the Nature Reserve. It is easily reachable from all over Europe with about few hour’s flight.

The small country is modified to welcome the international kiters community without having lost its identity. Come and find out for yourself what we are talking about!

PKR Stagnone Team

Fulvia Massaroni PKR Kitesurf Stagnone

Fulvia Massaroni

PKR President

National athlete of Kitesurf Freestyle and Big Air, Psychologist and Sports Mental Coach, she is the trump card of PKR Kitesurf in athletic training.
She is the contact person for training and the coordinator of all the activities of our school.

Raphael Istruttore kitesurf Stagnone

Rafał Skun

Chili Kite Seo

Rafał is a multitalented sportsman, IKO certified instructor as well as founder of Chilli Kite, the sports association for teaching kitesurfing, based in Stagnone, with which we have chosen to collaborate for courses and lessons in Sicily.

Angelo PKR Kitesurf Stagnone

Angelo Travaglini

FIV Instructor

Kitesurf Instructor of the Italian Sailing Federation, has decades of experience in teaching kitesurfing.
Angelo is always in contact with sport and physical preparation, he graduated from the sports school in Rome

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