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Equipment1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 days1 week
Kite - Bar50€70€90€120€150€165€180€
Kite - Bar - Twin-Tip55€95€140€180€220€235€250€
Wet Suit20€28€39€48€58€65€71€
Complete Equipment ¹70€140€200€260€320€375€420€
¹ Complete Equipment: Kite - Bar - Twin-Tip - Harness - Vest - Helmet


Kitesurf equipment rental - Price list


In our Kitesurfing School in Stagnone, you can take advantage of the equipment rental service. You will be able to navigate with materials from the best latest generation brands. All equipment is always carefully overhauled. Kites and twin tip boards are ready to brighten your days.
You will also find available for both sexes:

  • harnesses
  • leash
  • wetsuit
  • leggins
  • safety devices.

Rental conditions

The necessary requirements for the rental of the equipment are:

  • be completely autonomous in the water,
  • have good navigation skills
  • knowing how to go upwind (IKO 3K).

Our staff will make a brief assessment of your level before agreeing to the rental. It is necessary to leave only an identity document which we will return to you at the end of the rental.

The game is done!

Noleggio attrezzatura kitesurf Stagnone Sicilia

First of all, Safety

We are very attentive to your safety and that of others. The School reserves the right to interrupt the rental at any time:

  • in case of loss of control of the materials
  • dangerous behavior in water.

The hirer is responsible for any damage to the equipment or to people.

It is possible to rent for one or more consecutive hours, for a full day, or for several consecutive days.

If you want to rent equipment, you must register with our school - Price of the annual pass 15€

The card includes: membership of the association, use of the area and its services, insurance coverage