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Capo Feto, a spot near Mazara del Vallo, Sicily that will leave you breathless

By practicing kitesurfing you will visit many places around the world. Among these, there are places capable of indelibly imprinting themselves in the memory at first glance, places whose beauty caresses the soul, filling it with amazement and admiration. And today we take you to one of these secret corners of paradise: the Capo Feto Reserve.

Where is Capo Feto Sicily

Capo Feto Spot Kite Mazara del Vallo Sicilia

We are in Sicily, along the road that leads from Marsala to Mazara del Vallo, just over 20 km from the beautiful Stagnone Lagoon.

The route, although not very long, takes about 45 minutes starting from Birgi Vecchi. Use the navigator to orient yourself among roads, dirt roads, uncultivated land, level crossings! It will advise you on the fastest route.

As an address, we advise you to set: “Spiaggia di Capo Feto”

The first sign of approaching the goal is the large wind turbines which, if in motion, anticipate what will certainly be a great day of kiting. But if you look around you, you will still find no trace of the sea.

And there will be no shadow of the sea even when you turn right to leave the main road to enter a bumpy path full of potholes and, alas, rubbish is thrown along the side of the road. When you think that it could not get worse than this, you will be catapulted into an off-the-road course made of holes and sand. Sure, a fun walk for owners of a 4×4, but with small pitfalls for owners of any sedan.

At this point, you will skirt swamps full of bird species that you have never seen before and you will wonder if by chance you have taken the wrong road since there is still no trace of the sea.

Only reeds, narrow streets full of sand, and a crazy silence interrupted only by the chirping of birds.

The Capo Feto Reserve

Riserva di Capo Feto

But here is finally a second signal! From the open car window enter a strange smell, almost like a “fetus”. It is the smell of Posidonia, a Mediterranean plant that has evolved from the terrestrial to the marine environment and which, due to a strange play of currents, settles along the coast. And then, suddenly, between a sand dune and bamboo canes, a triangle of turquoise/cobalt blue appears that almost blinds you with the contrast it makes with the white sand.

It is the irrefutable sign that there is something truly spectacular to welcome you back there. Yet we are confident that reality will exceed your imagination. The spectacle that will unfold before your eyes once you reach the beach will repay you for the somewhat uncomfortable journey. You will no longer know where you will be, Sicily, the Maldives, the Caribbean, the Red Sea?

Flat-water, an entire palette of colors that captures all shades of blue, from turquoise to cobalt, passing through aqua green, which then intensifies into emerald green until it reaches total transparency where the bottom is lowest.

The Capo Feto kitesurf spot in Sicily

Poseidonie a Capo Feto spot kitesurf

You can park directly on the beach, having the cars insight, without the need to unload all the equipment. You have arrived in a paradise, that is clear. But you have also arrived in a kitesurfing paradise.

The proximity to the Stagnone, allows you to deviate here when Aeolus is having a tantrum in the lagoon. The best wind direction for Capo Feto is the Mistral. With the wind from the North-West, it has never really disappointed us.
In the absence of clouds and with high atmospheric pressure, the thermal component is really strong.

The flat water makes this spot attractive even for beginners. The seabed is shallow for the first 50 meters.

The Mistral enters slightly side-off, so we advise those who do not have full mastery of the upwind to make short edges and not to stray too far. For the same reason, we also recommend more advanced kiters to try the jumps only at the edge of the return, and tack on the left.

Going downwind, immediately after the lighthouse, the wind drops a bit, and drifting there also means interrupting the quiet of some nudist blissfully lying in the sun.

At the height of the lighthouse, there are large, clearly visible rocks. The rocks are those in the photo

Spot rocce affioranti

To enter the water you have to overcome a black strip of poseidonia which, however, also become a perfect springboard for departures from the beach.

Capo Feto beach start kitesurf

To conclude

The Capo Feto Reserve retains all its pristine beauty. Difficult to reach, unknown to tourism, at times it can be a bit unkempt when the sea returns human contamination with the storms, but even at its worst it never loses its charm and beauty.

In the Capo Feto spot the reference kitesurf school is “Kitesurf Mazara”. A group of very nice, professional, and friendly guys. They run the spot flawlessly.

Spot Kitesurf